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Mega Messy Mayhem!

Wotamess! is a sensory, messy, crafty playgroup.  The focus on free flow discovery based play.  

Its mega..Its messy...its mayhem!!! 


We have mess trays to explore, huge set ups like our messy kitchens, vets or postoffice.  We have water play, tunnels, balls and chutes and so much more.  There is something for everyone and its always different!!

We say DRESS TO MESS!  Bring a towel and a spare set of clothes in case they get messy. 

We have lots of water play including some splash trays and pools to sit in.  ANY child sitting in a water tray or pool will need to wear a swim nappy. 

The doors will open 5 minutes before the session starts but not before.

Wed & Thur 10.30
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wam 6.jpeg
We can't offer refunds.
If you can't make a booked session you can
'gift it' or we can try to sell it on,
if we can we will transfer your booking, however it is not always possible, especially last minute changes.
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Due to the messy, crafty, exploratory nature of the group spillages may occur. Please alert me if you see one and take extra care in the wet messy areas. If your child is wet please dry them before exploring other areas.

We use a variety of sized materials so please be aware where your child may need assistance. We are catering for a wide range of children’s ages and have a wide selection of activities for crawling and walking children. 

We use paints, cars, pens and other materials on the floor so please take care where you walk, especially supervising children learning to walk.


Bare feet are great for a full sensory experience but wet feet may be slippery in some areas.


Never let children walk unassisted in the mess trays.

The shells may have sharp edges, the slime is slippy, and the mud may have bugs in. This is life. We are a unique group providing real experiences with real materials. If your child has any allergies or additional needs please let me know, we are always happy to help.

· No Running!

· Remember its dangerous to eat and walk about, NO FOOD PLEASE! as we are an inclusive space for children with allergies.


I Love this group. My 3 children have all been and created chaos over the years.  Clare is fab and makes you feel right at home.  Such a relaxing atmosphere

Thanks  Tasha Coen

It was our first time today and my LB loved it.  Proper tantrum when he left LOL.  He loved playing with the cars and diggers, that was when i got him away form the water play!!!  We will be back.  - Hatti and Max x



Thanks so much Wot A Mess 😃 we had a brilliant time making messy potions!! It was the best way to do messy play!   

- Hannah Nardella


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