We have loads of great sensory play trays using coloured rice and pasta or natural material like wood, moss and straw.
Our dough or rice cones are great as small gifts or party favors, loads of themes and colours. We have fairy and dino dough boxed which are great gifts. 

Mini Dough Cone party favour £3

250g rainbow dough

1 wooden dough stamp

google eyes and gems

Jumbo Garden dough Cone £5

500g ( 4 colours dough)

wooden stamps

garden themed accessories

Fairy garden deluxe box £12
700g rainbow dough
Storage box
fairy additions
fairy potions and letters
minitures bugs
fake grass
tea light
(contents vary with each pack, pic is a guide)

Mini rice and pasta cone £3

250 g coloured rice and pasta shapes

wooden slices

gems and decoration

Large Garden £5

500g mixed coloured pasta and rice ( inc nest)

2 garden pots

fake grass and moss

wooden slices

( add fairy additions £2)