Our outdoor sessions are full of nature, fun and exploring.  We have themed trays, water play, tubes chutes, balls cars, farms, faries and so much more. 


We will be based in Lancing Manor a hidden gem with so many areas for us to explore.  


There is ample parking in the Impulse leisure carpark.  Use the what 3 words link ( to find the grid location)


It is the great outdoors and with this comes the wondrous weather so dress up warm and wear your wellies in the winter and suncream in the summer. We will be out rain or shine.

 If it is too windy and there is a weather warning we will cancel the session.



We have bright tabards so the children can be visible and easily spotted at all times.

 We will be supplying the utensils and leading the session but parents are responsible for supervising their own children.


Dogs may wander into our space.  Please do not stroke the dogs or encourage them into our area.  Your group leader is on hand to assist at all times.


Don’t eat the leaves and berries and if you tread in anything nasty let me know we can help get you clean.


We will be playing with sticks and stones mud and water so beware of slipping especially on slopes and take care with sticks.  A first aid kit will be on hand for parent to use on their child if needed.











We are in deepest darkest nature so unfortunately don't have the facilities of an indoor group.  We don’t have running water or toilets.  So treat the session as you would a trip to the park. We will have a hand washing station at our base.


If we have to stop running due to COVID restrictions.  Booked sessions will be moved until the next block.  No refunds will be given.

Although we are outside and the risk of COVID transmission is decreased parents still need to stick to the 2 meter distancing rule.